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Physiospect - Anatomy Scan       Call for assessment

The patient wears a headset fitted with an infra-red laser which picks up electromagnetic waves from the brain stem, providing information about the entire human body. For many years, Russian researchers have been measuring frequencies from the organs & tissues of healthy and sick male and female patients of various ages. The resulting data are used to provide comparative analyses.


An organ can be analysed within seconds to provide an evaluation of the state of the organ's structure and function and also the degree of stress it is experiencing. Therapy can be provided (meta therapy), which stimulates the body's own healing mechanism by changing the energy level within seconds.


is the only qualified & certified Physiospect trainer in the UK and is contracted to Laura   Ovantis Limited, the sole distributor for Physiospect and it's accessories. She completed her training by the manufacturers and software developers along with their Doctor in Moscow, Russia where Physiospect was born.

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