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FAQ's - Tattoo laser removal 
(leading dermatologists & plastic surgeons regard laser as the superior method of tattoo removal)


How does the laser treatment work?

Tattoos stay under the skin and the ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove.  The laser passes a short pulse of high-energy light through the skin and breaks it up into much smaller ink particles.  The body’s immune system can then remove the ink naturally by passing it through the bloodstream naturally.  This is a gradual process and several treatments will be needed to successfully diminish the tattoo.


Does it hurt?

The treatment can be uncomfortable and has been described as being pinged with an elastic band. During the treatment with the laser the area is cooled, this minimises any discomfort and a cold compress is applied before, during and after treatment to further reduce discomfort.


How much does it cost?

The cost of each session depends on the size and colour of the tattoo.  Prices start from £50 per session. Feel free to come in and discuss your treatment plan and price.  This helps to assess the tattoo and the work that will be required. We also offer a loyalty card for removals that are likely to take a few sessions. 


Can any tattoo be removed?

Unfortunately, complete removal can never be guaranteed.  Some colours are harder to remove than others and we will be able to discuss the expected outcome during the consultation.


How long does a session take?

A treatment session can take from 5 to 45 minutes depending on the size and density of the tattoo.

How long is there in between sessions?

The least amount of time is 6 weeks. It is the specified time allocated to that the area of the skin allowing it to fully heal from the trauma whilst the immune system is flushing the ink from the area and body. Following the aftercare can also increase the rate of removal and keep your skin in the best condition possible.  Personally, I have found that the deeper we get to ink, the more I may add on a week or 2 as an extension of natural body removal, it has been proven to be successful as not over doing the area for the sake of it is my primary. This is something I will discuss individually.  

Are there any after-effects to the laser treatment?

Redness and swelling may occur, similar to sunburn.  This settles within a few days some patients may blister, which is quite normal, blistering does not require treatment and will usually clear within days.  You will receive written aftercare following your treatment.


*The Treated area should not be exposed to sunlight between sessions without the use of sunblock SPF50*


Does the laser treatment leave any scars?

Generally speaking lasering does not cause scarring and the active Q-Switched laser which we use is designed with this in mind.  It is important that the aftercare is followed and this will be explained to the client.  Sometimes the original tattoo would have caused scar tissue which will become noticeable when the tattoo pigment is removed and we can advise as to this situation prior to this situation prior to the removal.  There is normally no lasting damage to the skin. Very occasionally mild changes in skin texture and colour may occur. There can be a change in pigment colour which usually returns to normal after 6-12 months.

Is everyone suitable for laser treatment?

No.  There are some medical conditions that mean you may not be suitable for treatment.  For example: If you have ever had any gold medications/injections, have lupus disease (Incurable immune system illness), are currently pregnant or use/ have used St. Johns Wort, Roaccutane or Retin A.  If you have any medical condition or use any medications (prescribed or not) please contact us for further advice.  A full consultation will be undertaken before any laser treatment will be carried out. You will have the opportunity to also discuss any concerns you have.

FAQ's - Cosmetic Permanent Make Up 

How long after does the treatment last for?

The treatment is considered permanent as it will not wash off, however, it will soften over time due to continuous exposure to the elements and may need a retouch in 2-5 years depending on how it has been looked after.


What Colours are available?

Colour availability depends on your skin tone. Your technician will choose a colour that is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour. No pigment mixture is used without client approval.


Does it Hurt?

Comfort levels vary from person to person. The benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may experience with this safe procedure.  A highly effective topical anaesthetic cream or gel are used for numbing and comfort at the beginning of every procedure.


How Safe is it?

The procedure is done under strict sanitation and sterilisation regulations. A well trained & certified technician administers each new procedure using a disposable sterilised parts and needles at all times. All pigments are FDA specially approved. 


Up to 30% discount on Hair Removal Courses    Expired 

Diode technology is the newest hair removal treatment using laser and not IPL (Intense Pulse Light) IPL is not laser. They both are used for the same intent - permanent hair removal. The advantage of using Diode technology is the ability to benefit from use on a broader scale of skin & hair colour. It is a more comfortable treatment, quicker and can be more effective. 

Please download and complete the Anti-wrinkle/Filler consultation for. Complete it and return email to with your preferred Tuesday appointment request. 


Many Thanks 


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