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About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the greatest importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers, referrals, and networking.  We always welcome the opportunity to earn customer trust and deliver one of the best services in the industry.


The aesthetic and beauty industry is an exceptionally progressive one and there is always something new and interesting on the market for clients to indulge in whilst supporting a healthy way of living.  In light of this,  the choices in our clinic are a selection of treatments that we consider the most effective and as noninvasive that the market permits.


Our team is among the most thorough in the industry. As well as being fully trained on the Q-Switched YAG lasers, multiple laser platform machines and the latest Diode technology, each technician brings additional expertise that compliment every service. 


Our qualified Technicians

Laura - has been in the therapy industry for 30 years. Qualifying with Diplomas and certificates in Alternative Therapies, Holistic treatments and a Degree in Anatomy & Physiology. Laura has a devotion to healing and an ambition to support remedial treatments.  She has implemented a bespoke range of products, *aftercare, in supporting and complementing every treatment at Absentia. Understanding the Anatomy of the human body and applying that with each individual client is something that she addresses and fulfils.


"I have had the pleasure of being in the holistic and complementary therapy industry for 26 years. I am passionate about my treatments and I am always keeping myself up to date with the industry, what it has to offer and continue to keep myself informed of new choices & developments for the successful treatments of my clients."  ... Laura


Amy - has a BA Hons Degree in Leisure Marketing.  She has a passion for helping others and using her skills and creativity in every job that she does.  She utilises all the tools of the trade related to the clinic and ensures that customers get the most out of their treatments.  She regularly studies the latest information and new releases in the industry to keep her up to date with the market trends. She holds certificates in beauty & laser courses and a high standard of cosmetic semi-permanent make up certificates. Her work is spectacular and she has an great eye for detail and technique second to none. 


"The healing and care of our clients has always been my number one objective.  Making a client feel happier about themselves, how they feel and how they look, leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. " ... Amy


Mrs Laura Beadon

Laser Tattoo Removal

Certificate of Training Stetic Sense

Laser Hair Removal - Diode & IPL

Certificate of Training Stetic Sense

Cavitation (Fat Busting)

Certificate of Training Stetic Sense

Microneedling (Skin Rejuvenation) 

Natura Studios 

Cryo-Therapy (Skin imperfection removal) 

Natura Studios

Semi Permanent Makeup/Cosmetic Make up Tattooing

VTCT Diploma Bio Touch

Advanced Qualifications - IIHHT, ITEC & VTCT Level 3 Diplomas

Reflexology       Hot Stone Therapy          Aromatherapy 

Iandian Head Massage     Crystal Healing 

Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome Therapy


Lipo Laser - Certificate of Training Stetic Sense, Santander

Lymphatic Drainage - Certificate of Training Stetic Sense, Santander

Physiospect - Certificate of Training - Bio Resonance Medical Testing


Every Client at Absentia is treated with individual care, health awareness and Professionalism.

All client information and consultations held on file comes under the Data Protection Act.

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